and ill have you know im scared to death -Brandi, 23:) -im pretty simple -i dont have anything figured out - with an amazing boyfriend of 3 years and the best friends ill get through this thing called life. the end! :)


things that are sex shaming -

  • "she’s a sl-t for having all that sex"
  • "girls shouldn’t wear tank tops to school because it is distracting"
  • "that skin tight dress means she’s asking for it"
things that are not sex shaming -
  • "I would prefer to not see a stranger’s butt"
  • "I do not want to hear explicit details about your sex life"
there’s a difference between sex shaming and wanting sexual security



#no kitten food goes in the bowl #then food goes in you #you seem to have confused a step

#if i fits i sits


My new tattoo :) in love!



i’ll never get why some people are offended by tattoos im just trying to understand how you could see a flower on someones arm and think WOW I’M REALLY ANGRY AND DISTURBED 

I don’t know if this person can do job they have flower on arm and I am worry


One of my
Favorite quotes
From one of my
Favorite Movie

I need to vent for a minute. Im slightly freaking out. The next four work days. My manager Is on vacation and im basically in charge. And she had like 2 days to train me. Because our assistant manager quit like a week ago. Oh joy. Im so stressed about it. Oh also our sencond cashier quit too (no show no call) like seriously that pisses me off so much. And she wants me to be assistant manager but the executive director wants to make some changes including a new location. Omg just get me through these next 2 days and maybe ill be okay. Someone help!

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